Dec 12, 2019

Get WIMAX - Free WiFi - Microsoft Store WIMAX maps the best free hotspots nearby (from restaurants to libraries to coffee shops and cafes). The details page gives you relevant information on the hotspot and its location. *You can also add the hotspot to offline list so you can access it later when you have no internet connection or while travelling. How WiMAX Works | HowStuffWorks WiMAX has the potential to do to broadband Internet access what cell phones have done to phone access. In the same way that many people have given up their "land lines" in favor of cell phones, WiMAX could replace cable and DSL services, providing universal Internet access just about anywhere you go. How to bypass the WiMax Captive portal and get internet Nov 01, 2011 WiMAX - Wikipedia

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WiMAX will also be as painless as WiFi -- turning your computer on will automatically connect you to the closest available WiMAX antenna. In this article, we'll find out how WiMAX works, what engineers are doing to make it better and what it could mean for the future of wireless Internet.

The working method of WiMAX is little different from Wi-Fi network, because Wi-Fi computer can be connected via LAN card, router, or hotspot, while the connectivity of WiMAX network constitutes of two parts in which one is WiMAX Tower or booster also known as WiMAX base station and second is WiMAX receiver (WiMAX CPE) or Customer Premise Equipment.

Applications of Wimax Technology | WiMAX technology applications enable you to get temporary access to media, visitors and employees. If you are exist in tower range then you can get easy access to premises equipment for such events. The basic strength behind the WiMAX Technology applications are high bandwidth, high quality services, security, deployment, full duplex including WiMAX & Wi-Fi Comparison - Tutorialspoint WiMAX is similar to the wireless standard known as Wi-Fi, but on a much larger scale and at faster speeds. A nomadic version would keep WiMAX-enabled devices connected over large areas, much like today’s cell phones. We can compare it with Wi-Fi based on the following factors. Wi-Fi typically