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Why And How To Use Google Public DNS - AllTop9 Advanced Gmail 2-Step Verification Settings for better Security by Google. Google Public DNS represents two IP addresses. First one is, the primary DNS and the second one is, the secondary one. You can use Google DNS instead of your ISP’s DNS servers. Advantages Of Using Google Public DNS: 1. Google Public DNS is Faster and WiFi Settings (dns,ip,gateway) - Apps on Google Play Jul 07, 2016

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Sep 04, 2018 · Google DNS. To use Google DNS servers, the principal is the same as above until you reach point 4. At that point change the DNS resolvers to “” and “” instead of the Open DNS ones. Whichever system you select, changing the DNS on an Android device is quick and easy. Jan 22, 2020 · To verify the Google Public DNS is working, click Start type: cmd into the search box and hit enter. At the command prompt type: ipconfig /all and hit Enter. Then search through the results under Type as the New DNS Server address and tap on Save. 5. Similarly, add as another Google DNS Server. 6. After adding Google DNS Servers, you can delete the DNS Servers of your service provider by tapping on the Red Minus icon. 7. Tap on the Save option to save this change on your device.

Why And How To Use Google Public DNS - AllTop9

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