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The other thing I notice is that when I make a change to the server settings (i.e. update server to non-SSL) the browser hangs – when I hit reload the changes have been made. I have tried using non-SSL connection over port 119 to Giganews, but this produces the same results. Usenet is a wonderful service for finding and downloading digital media, giving you speed and reliability you won't find with other file-sharing options—like, say, BitTorrent. Here's a quick May 08, 2007 · The world's best Usenet provider Giganews has managed it once again to set another milestone by creating a software called Giganews Accelerator which uses header download compression to download the headers of the newsgroup up to 10 times faster. Header downloads are the most annoying part when it comes to using the Usenet. It sometimes takes longer to download the headers of a popular Slightly off topic but worth a read if you're currently using giganews with Newsbin pro. I have struggled with my speed on 20meg since I got it, however, when I upgraded to giganews Diamond service with SSL I also got the Giganews Newsbin Pro program from their site which was an upgrade from my existing newsbin pro v4. The Giganews accelerator connects with SSL on NNTP port 563 so it can still be throttled. First if by NL you are referring to Newsleecher then you actually don't actually need the accelerator and in fact running both can cause issues. The first thing I would like you to do is remove the Accelerator from your machine.

Nov 02, 2017 · By default, HTTPS connections use TCP port 443. HTTP, the unsecure protocol, uses port 80. Commonly used TCP ports. For those responsible for configuring and managing web hosting, it’s useful to know the numbers for common services, such as an SSL port. Use the tables below to quickly look up port numbers and their basic functions. Web

2 days ago · Long press it to open a context menu, and tap “Edit port forwards.” On the next page, tap the three dots and choose “Add port forward.” Name it whatever you like. Set Type to Dynamic (SOCKS) and source port to 8080 (or whatever is in the socks-proxy line of your OpenVPN config file). Tap “create port … GigaNews Review 2017 | Tested for Speed, Retention, Easy

I can't connect via port 119 or via the SSL port, and I cannot ping Tracing route to [] over a maximum of 30 hops:

Giganews améliore son support via le cryptage … Information presented here may no longer reflect current Giganews services or offers. Aujourd´hui, Giganews a annocé une amélioration de son service de Usenet chiffré récemment mis en application. Les clients peuvent désormais établir des connexions de Usenet à Giganews chiffrées SSL à 256 bits sur le port 443 ainsi que sur le port 563.