My network has “somehow” lock me out of the channel a few weeks ago, changed all login details including the associated Google account and are attempting a takeover/theft of my channel despite the fact i have a legal contract that clearly states i’m the owner and they are just managers. Does Deleting a User on Windows 10 Delete the Microsoft Account Associated With It? Hello, I would like to remove my user from a Windows 10 PC at home, but when doing so through the Setting app, it mentions that it will delete all data on the Desktop, Downloads, Documents, Photos, Music which I am fine with, but it then mentions all other files . May 22, 2018 · After deleting the old channel, if you are looking to create a new Youtube channel, here is how to make Youtube Channel. Note: The following steps will only delete your YouTube account; your Google Plus, Gmail, Google Drive, etc. will not be affected by this. Locate the User ID with the email account you are deleting. Click Delete email. Result: A pop-up window displays with a message that once the email account is deleted, it cannot be recovered. Click Delete Email Account. Result: A green confirmation message displays. Your Cox Emaill address is no longer accessible to send or receive email. Sign in - Google Account

Aug 26, 2013 · Im really upset right now, to start off. Okay so, first what happened is that i went onto my channel just to check it out. Once there i saw a little box on my banner that led to Google+, which supposedly is now automatically made if you have a Youtube account. I dont (or atleast didnt at the

From resuming YouTube videos across devices, to having your contacts, and favorite Play Store apps easily available, a single sign-in allows for a seamless experience across Google. Your Google Account also makes it easy for you to sign in to third-party apps safely and quickly so your preferences go with you even beyond Google. how do i delete a youtube account (signed in from gmail

If you delete your Google account, you will no longer have an account on the properties Google directly controls: search, gmail and Youtube, for example. This has no effect on other sites, however: * If you use ‘sign in with my google account’, wh

Apr 26, 2018 · In the top right, click your account > YouTube settings . Under “Account settings,” select Overview. Under the channel’s name, select Advanced. At the bottom, select Delete channel (you may see Delete content instead). If prompted, enter your sign-in details. Select I want to permanently delete my content.