Select the countries you want to block, IP address version (IPv4 or IPv6), output format and press the "Download" button. The output formats supported are Apache .htaccess, Linux iptables, CIDR, Netmask, Inverse Netmask, IIS web.config, Cisco ACL, PeerGuardian2, network-object, Cisco bit bucket, Juniper Junos and MikroTik.

Geo IP Blocking Software For Websites Block visitors from specific countries, states, cities & IP addresses from accessing your website. Reduce spam and unwanted visitors from browsing your site. Easy to setup & integrate into any website. How to Block IP Address Using IP Manager and .htaccess Jul 24, 2019

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Dec 23, 2019 How To Block an I.P Address From Accessing Your Website Click on the IP Deny Manager icon and enter the I.P address you wish to block from viewing your site. Blocking IP or Domain You can enter either the IP address or the domain name of the person you want to block from viewing your site. You can block as many IP address as you like and they will show up in this screen in cPanel.