In this blog post, I will cover on how to build and configure TACACS+ on Ubuntu Server using tac_plus. While this is an old blog post, the instructions covered here are still valid in Ubuntu Server 16.04 LTS. I highly recommend that you integrate two-factor authentication (2FA) as well, which is covered here.

On previous versions on RHEL/Fedora, the network service could be controlled via init scripts and (later) via systemctl.After updating DNS settings, I want to restart the network service to bounce the interface and pickup the new DNS settings (and force NetworkManager to rewrite /etc/resolve.conf).. Using systemctl, I'm getting: # systemctl restart network Failed to restart network.service Restart Network Interface Using Command Lines in Linux - CCM Mar 10, 2020 How to setup network on Ubuntu server 12.04

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How to Configure Network Bonding or Teaming in Ubuntu Apr 18, 2018

How to setup network on Ubuntu server 12.04

I have a Postgres db 9.1 running on AWS EC2, with ubuntu 12.04.. I messed a lot with the instance (i.e installed all kinds of postgres X.X before i settled on 9.1). Now after a month working on that db, I discovered that if I restart my instance postgres doesn't load correctly, its status says "Running clusters". this will last forever until I. sudo service postgresql restart