In this case, you'll want to make sure the modem/router combo is set to bridge mode. This should be explained in whatever instructions came with the gateway device. 2.

How to Set up a Home Network Router - Lifewire Apr 10, 2020 Connecting a Router and a Modem With an Ethernet Connection Connect one end of one Ethernet cable into the back of the modem, then connect the other end into the Wide Area Network (WAN) port on the router. 4 Connect the router power cord into an electrical outlet, then connect the other end to the router. 5 How to set up a wireless router | PCWorld Jun 15, 2017

Most routers come with instructions that are easy to set up and configure. Apps are replacing bulky user manuals and web interfaces that walk users through the set-up process. While using apps has made setting up routers easier for customers, the router may not be completely secure. Here are a few things to consider before setting up the router.

Mar 29, 2017 · You won’t be able to test the service or set up your account before your activation date. 2. Check the Suddenlink equipment. Your box of Suddenlink equipment should contain six items: cable modem, power adapter, coaxial cable, Ethernet cable, two-way cable splitter, and instructions. Activate your new modem Once the modem you purchased is connected properly, the modem needs to be activated to get the service. 1. Locate the modem ID (MAC Address) This is typically located on the bottom of the modem (usually follows letters “MAC” or “EA”, e.g. MAC 00-12-ab-34-cd-5e). 2. Call 1-800-TWC-HELP (1-800-892-4357)

May 15, 2017 · You’ve got the modem sorted out; the only thing left is to get the router figured out before you’re all set. The first thing you have to do is to connect your new router to your modem. Routers and modems are always placed next to each other and are connected via an Ethernet cable. This cable will connect the modem to your router’s