Jul 05, 2017

I'm on a Mac, so I opened the server.crt file with Keychain, added it to my System Certificates. I then set it to Always Trust. With the exception of the config file to set the SAN value these were similar steps I used in prior versions of Chrome to generate and trust the self-signed cert. How to Locate the Current Chrome Profile Folder – Session Chrome allows for the use of multiple user profiles. If you don’t have multiple user profiles set up in Chrome, then your settings and installed extensions are associated with the Default profile. To locate the folder of the Chrome profile for this window, do the following: 1. Use Chrome Process hosting method for your controls in The value set in the UnifiedServiceDesk.exe.config file take precedence and configuration uses the Chrome Process to host the applications. Setting the GlobalBrowser mode key to Chrome in the UnifiedServiceDesk.exe.config file for a particular client desktop, takes the precedence over other settings. Enable Chrome Process Configure - Citrix Docs To hide the toolbar configuration using the configuration.js file: The configuration.js file is located in the ChromeApp root folder. Edit this file directly to make changes to Citrix Workspace app for Chrome. Open the configuration.js file and set the menubar attribute to false.

Google Chrome Security Settings and Configuration Guide

DOWNLOAD pass”123″Resetting Google Chrome settings is a way to get your browser back to work, remove malicious extensions and add-ons, restore your home page and the page that opens when you create a new tab, as well as the ability to return Google as your default search engine. Reset Google Chrome settings. When performing this operation, Google Chrome browser will set the personal How to Override System Proxy Settings in Google Chrome

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The first method to backup your Google Profile, is to to synchronize all your Chrome data (settings history, bookmarks, apps, extensions, etc.) to your Google Account, by using the “Sync Settings” from Chrome options. To do that: 1. From Chrome Options menu at the top right, select Settings. 2. Sign in to Chrome, by using your Google Account. how to open Jupyter notebook in chrome on windows - Stack @Jia Guo It's the string substitution token in Python. I may have remembered incorrectly - but I think it is because the browser option is literally the command Jupyter uses to create the web browser, and because we want our browser to open with the Jupyter page already open we need to pass the notebook URL to the Chrome executable. Rather than manually specify this ourselves, Jupyter can auto