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Dock (macOS) - Wikipedia If the program is running, there isn't an ellipsis on the icon. In macOS, running applications have been variously identified by a small black triangle (Mac OS X 10.0-10.4) a blue-tinted luminous dot (Mac OS X 10.5-10.7), a horizontal light bar (OS X 10.8 and 10.9), and a simple black or white dot (OS X … The Icons | Finding Your Way Around OS X | Peachpit Applications: Click this to go directly to the window that stores all of your Mac OS X applications. See Chapter 28. Finder window icons. Hard disk icons: This is what a hard disk case inside your computer looks like. Think of this as a filing cabinet —you look inside of it to find your files. objective c - OS X Yosemite does not show ToolBar icons

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The Finder Toolbar - OS X El Capitan: The Missing Manual With the toolbar, the Dock, the Sidebar, and the large icons of OS X, it almost seems like there’s an Apple conspiracy to sell big screens. Fortunately, the toolbar doesn’t have to contribute to that impression. You can hide it by choosing View→Hide Toolbar or by pressing Option-⌘-T. Program Toolbar Icon Set - Free download and software Add professionally designed toolbar icons to your software projects. Program Toolbar Icon Set is readily available, royalty-free images of objects, actions and Create Windows and Mac OS X

Mac OS X Safariv1.0These are some toolbar icons I made to match Mac OS X Safari, look great in any - by Steve Grenier

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