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A timeline of Edward Snowden's life. A timeline of the life of Edward Snowden, the 29-year-old who leaked NSA documents revealing a wide-reaching government surveillance program. Where is Edward Snowden now, what did he do, who’s his Sep 17, 2019 Edward Snowden Fast Facts - CNN Sep 11, 2013 Review: Edward Snowden and the Rise of Whistle-Blower

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Edward Snowden is the ex-CIA employee and NSA contractor who leaked top secret United States, Israeli, and British government mass surveillance programs to the press. He is now considered America's most infamous traitor by many, and yet a hero by others. He is currently a fugitive who has been granted asylum in Russia. The Biggest Leaks Revealed by Edward Snowden When 2013 began, the general public had no idea who Edward Joseph Snowden was, but by the end of the year, everyone knew his name. Snowden, a former CIA employee who spent time working with the NSA, decided to share highly classified information with several leading journalists, who then broke the news to the world.. It’s no exaggeration to say that Snowden’s astonishing revelations have How Edward Snowden protected information … and his life

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May 27, 2020 · Edward Snowden. How Edward Snowden Revealed the 'Dark Mirror' of the Surveillance State Barton Gellman's new book is a riveting account of exposing NSA excesses to the light of the day. Edward Snowden leaked thousands of classified NSA documents to three journalists in 2013, exposing innumerable national security secrets, including information about a surveillance program with Jan 17, 2014 · Edward Snowden, a former contractor for the CIA, left the US in late May after leaking to the media details of extensive internet and phone surveillance by American intelligence. Mr Snowden, who Why you should listen. Edward Snowden was just about to turn 28 when his face was suddenly splashed across every major newspaper in the US. In the summer of 2013 The Guardian published a series of leaked documents about the American National Security Agency (NSA), starting with an article about a secret court order demanding American phone records from Verizon, followed by an article on the Jan 16, 2020 · 'Homeland' Declassified: Battles, Backlash, CIA Meetings and a Secret Call With Edward Snowden