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How to Access Gmail in China 2020 (even when it's blocked) Mar 18, 2020 How to Access Gmail in China - Receive and Send Emails Jul 20, 2019 How to Access Gmail in China – 2020 Solution

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Use of gmail is spotty but generally ok except when there are some "special events" going on in China like the youth olympics last summer or some political meeting. Better be safe and have a VPN. Better be safe and have a VPN.

Jul 20, 2019 · To access your Gmail account, as is obvious, you are going to need an Internet connection as well as a system for getting around the Great Firewall of China. Currently, the most popular and easiest to use system for getting around the Great Firewall of China is a system called a Virtual Private Network or VPN .

May 26, 2016 · During our first visit to China in 2014, Facebook was already banned but accessing Instagram and Google was still possible. But changes in their government policies in the recent years meant that it is now no longer possible to access facebook, instagram and Google (including Gmail) in China. Why Gmail is Blocked in China? Why access to Gmail is not allowed in China? China Blocks Gmail, Broadening Online Censorship. To be so called security by the press announcer or to fight terrorism, the Gmail has been blocked by the Great Firewall of China. The the best solution for accessing Gmail from China is with high speed and high security VPN. Jan 24, 2017 · Access Gmail in China - Working 2017 Solution. Want to know how to access Gmail in China? Watch this quick video and go through the steps to have access to Gmail in China in under 2 minutes. Apr 24, 2018 · However, Gmail together with other Google service like, Google search, Google drive, Google allo and more is blocked in countries with high censorship. in China, you will not be able to access Is Outlook blocked in China? Yes and no. Outlook may be blocked in China, but there are conflicting reports of the accuracy here. Although Microsoft has a good working relationship with the Chinese government, some email services are blocked in China. In particular, Google’s Gmail service has been blocked since 2015. On Twitter and other forums, users complained about the lack of access to Gmail. Liu Yuan, a user in Shanghai, wrote : “mail from or to gmail from china may be returned. btw, which is the best Jun 29, 2020 · Even when China has censored everything, a VPN will tunnel through and give you access to Google services like Gmail, Google Maps, Google Search and allow you to watch YouTube in China. There’s no need to dive into the specifics of how it works, just know that it’s used by pretty much any expat who lives in China, including me.