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Connect internet from Computer to android using Bluetooth Tethering. No need for any PC suite or USB cable to connect and access internet in PC or laptop. Tethering is one of the feature of Android mobile, which makes it possible.Tethering means actually we can share the internet connection of mobile phone with other device using WiFi connectivity, USB connectivity or Bluetooth. Top 9 Android Tethering Apps to Connect All Your Devices The app is highly useful, and every tethering app user should install it on their device. Tethering Widget offers separate widgets for USB and WiFi tethering. Don’t look for the widget in the app … Share a mobile connection by hotspot or tethering on Android

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Jul 09, 2020 How to Tether Your Android Phone and Share Its Internet Jan 13, 2020 Top 7 best Android tethering apps to share internet

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Top 10 Best Tethering Apps (Android/IPhone) 2020 Dec 04, 2019 9 Best tethering apps for Android & iOS | Free apps for PadNet+ is the most popular tethering app on Google Play – at least it has the biggest number of downloads. The app works in three modes – Wifi, USB, and Bluetooth. Have in mind that Android 7.0 or later versions don’t support Wifi mode. When you open PadNet, you see three checkboxes – no shenanigans, an absolutely user-friendly display. Best Tethering Apps and Methods to Share Mobile Data with PC The Wi-Fi hotspot and Bluetooth tethering option in this app are not available if you are using older Android than Android 7.0 or Android Nougat. The only disadvantage of this app is you can use it for a limited time. For unlimited usage, you need to purchase the PRO version of PdaNet+.