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Panama Province Codes : Bullseye Locations Mar 02, 2020 Pa | Definition of Pa at Pa definition, father. See more. A rare, extremely toxic, radioactive metallic element of the actinide series that occurs in uranium ores. PTY - Definition by AcronymFinder

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Panama City’s walkable downtown also boasts a bevy of diverse eateries, cozy cafes, and nightlife spots. World-class beaches are just a short drive from Panama City, along with the many exciting attractions of neighboring tourist-driven Panama City Beach. Getting around from Panama City is a breeze with access to U.S. 98 and U.S. 231.

Panama: PA: PAN: 591: 507: Papua New Guinea: PG: PNG: 598: 675: Paraguay: PY: PRY: 600: 595: Peru: PE: PER: 604: 51: Philippines: PH: PHL: 608: 63: Pitcairn: PN: PCN: 612: 870: Poland: PL: POL: 616: 48: Portugal: PT: PRT: 620: 351: Puerto Rico: PR: PRI: 630: 1: Qatar: QA: QAT: 634: 974: Romania: RO: ROU: 642: 40: Russian Federation: RU: RUS: 643: 7: Rwanda: RW: RWA: 646: 250: Reunion: RE: REU: 638: 262: Saint Barthelemy: BL: BLM: 652: 590: Saint Helena: SH: SHN: 654: 290: Saint Kitts and

These abbreviations allow automated sorting. ISO 3166-2:CA identifiers' second elements are all the same as these; ISO adopted the existing Canada Post abbreviations. These abbreviations are not the source of letters in Canadian postal codes, which are assigned by Canada Post on a different basis than these abbreviations. While postal codes are AL: Albania: GA: Gabon: NE: Niger: DZ: Algeria: GM: Gambia: NG: Nigeria: AS: American Samoa: GE: Georgia, Republic of: NO: Norway: AD: Andorra: DE: Germany: OM: Oman List of Country Abbreviations. While the 2-letter system is widely accepted internationally, you also see the 3-letter country abbreviation codes, like CAN for Canada, used by computers and world organizations. Find all the different 2-letter and 3-letter country codes organized by continent. Africa Country Abbreviations May 16, 2009 · Panama was a department of Colombia in 1900. With the encouragement of the United States, Panama declared its independence from Colombia on 1903-11-03. © 2020 · Made in Cologne, Germany · No guarantee for information provided. Data protection policy · Terms of use · Credits/Sources · Contact